2022 International Conference on Energy Technology and Thermodynamic System (ETTS 2022)

Call For Paper

01. Energy Engineering and Technology

Energy and Environmental Engineering

Energy chemical engineering

Refrigeration and cryogenic engineering

Mineral Resources and mining engineering

Industrial, agricultural and forestry engineering

Petroleum/oil and gas resource engineering

Metallurgical engineering

Rare earth engineering

Urban deep excavation project

Pipeline engineering

Mine/coal/oil/gas/offshore engineering

Urban gas transmission and distribution project

Photovoltaic power generation/offshore wind power engineering

New energy vehicle

Charging pile installation project

Geothermal/wave/nuclear energy

Biological/chemical energy

Energy storage system/Energy storage management

Power transmission and distribution engineering/microgrid engineering

Smart grid Engineering

Smart City Project

Energy Internet Project

Primary energy and secondary energy

Energy planning, deployment and management

Heating power station, nuclear power station and waste incineration power station construction project

Distributed energy project

Wind power, water and hydropower and thermal power

Biogas project

Solar energy and installation works

High tower installation works

Mineral exploration engineering

Gas furnace engineering

Photovoltaic power generation technology

Distributed energy system technology

Energy system integration design

Energy calculation and measurement

Energy saving technology

Energy saving and environmental protection technology

Energy storage, equipment and management

Energy conversion and application

New energy conversion and control technology

Thin film technology and its application

Remaining that collect

Design of temperature control

Energy storage technology

Refrigeration and heating technology

Battery technology

The thermal process

The power system

Hydrogen and oxygen technology

Refrigerator design

Energy saving products

Hvac technology


Heat storage/hydrogen storage/gas storage technology

Freeze-drying technology

Clean energy technology

Smart energy technology

High temperature gas cooled reactor technology

Roof technology

Grid-connected power generation technology

Photothermal, photoelectric and photochemistry

Combustible ice mining technology

02. Power systems and applications

Transmission and distribution systems and equipment

Power system relay protection

Electrical and energy circuits and systems

Power systems and automation

Power system modeling, simulation and analysis

Power system planning and dispatching

Power system protection, operation and control

Power system reliability and safety

Power system stability

Power system fault analysis and diagnosis

Power system analysis, operation and control

Electrochemical storage

Power system security defense and recovery control

Electronic power

Electric transport

Motors and drivers

Electric vehicles (new energy vehicles, intelligent balancing vehicles, etc.)

Hybrid engineering

Power and energy systems

Energy storage and electrochemical energy storage

Smart grid and microgrid

Energy Internet

Distributed generation

Electrical component network

In electrical engineering

Tidal, wave, ocean and hydroelectric systems

Measurement technology and instruments

MEMS- Microsensors and structures

Sensors and micro-machines

Transmission and distribution systems and equipment

Electric drive and application

Electric vehicle technology

Electrical machinery, power electronics and industrial applications

Electrical materials and technology

Electric traction system and control

Information technology application

Intelligent control system

Intelligent systems and methods

Inverter and converter technology

Ultra high voltage (UHV) technology

Thermoelectric technology and its application

Wind power, water and hydropower and thermal power

Heating, nuclear and waste incineration power stations

Solar photovoltaic system

Photovoltaic power generation and grid connection technology

Solar power generation technology and system design

Solar cell principle and technology

Measurement circuit design


Fuel cell technology

High voltage engineering

High pressure technology

Flexible AC transmission system

Overvoltage, lightning protection, and grounding

Conventional coal-fired power generation technology

Artificial intelligence and power systems

Electromagnetic compatibility

Power system resilience

Smart grid technology and utility application

Grid transformation

Intelligent monitoring and power outage management

Intelligent management of household electricity consumption

Electricity distribution

03. Combine energy or power related topics with machinery, energy, computers, etc


All submitted articles should report original, previously unpublished research results, experimental or theoretical. Articles submitted to the conference should meet these criteria and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. We firmly believe that ethical conduct is the most essential virtual of any academic. Hence any act of plagiarism is a totally unacceptable academic misconduct and cannot be tolerated.