II International Conference on Energy Technology and Thermodynamic System (ETTS 2023)
Scope & Topic
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The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

I. Energy Technology

Exploration of Traditional Energy

New Energy Development and Utilization Technology

Energy Storage Technology

New Energy Material

Distributed Generation

Thermal Technology and Application

Energy Storage, Conversion and Utilization

Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Improvement

Energy and Electricity

II. Thermodynamic System


Thermodynamic Equilibrium: Thermal Equilibrium, Mechanical Equilibrium, Phase Equilibrium, etc

State and State Function

Thermodynamic Law and Principle

Utilization of Energy: Energy Conversion, Transfer and Use

Thermodynamics Research

Thermodynamic Cycle and Thermodynamic Process

Thermodynamic Calculation

Thermal Equipment: Boiler, Heat Engine, Heat Pump, etc

Engineering Thermophysics